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How Does it Work?

Since the innovation framework is so new, and so extensive, we offer a proper orientation and demo before we let you self-drive.

Step 1: Free 1-hour Demo

We typically engage in a free one hour interactive meeting to introduce the innovation framework and provide an orientation/demo of the software.

Suggested participants: Engineering Executives, CTO, CInO, Chief Engineers, essentially leadership chartered with bringing new product or service offerings to the market.

Typical Agenda: (1) Understanding your current pain point and future needs; (2) Introduction to Innovation Framework; (3) Demo of the software features in context of your needs.

Please sign up and someone will be in touch to schedule this session.

Step 2: Free 30-day Trial Access

We will give you a 30 day free trial access. We urge you not to put any of your company sensitive data into the software. You will be governed by EULA and default NDA with EULA.

Step 3: Feedback and going forward

We would schedule a 30 minute feedback meeting with you.

If you like the software: we will discuss your additional capability requirements, customization and implementation process.

If you do not wish to proceed at this time: we will truly appreciate some feedback about what worked and what else would help you bring on an innovation framework at your enterprise.

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