Organize Data to Create an Effective Strategy

Widespread Capture of Competitive Intelligence
Empower every employee in your company to gather competitive intel from any source and bring it in through stages of verification and timely usage.
Excellence in Customer Insight
Deploy multiple tools to gather customer insight - RFP, Tenders, Direct surveys, Structured interviews, Empathic exercises, hear-say to be verified
Confidence in Technology Forecasting
Leverage your understanding of PESTEL trends to forecast technology elements, to create product specifications that will differentiate you in the market place.
Simplify Ideation and New Concept Qualification
Guide any employee, with a structured process, to take their idea to 1-page business canvas; ready for management evaluation and sponsorship
Optimize Investment in Capability Management
Align your capability development strategy with product strategy using multi-faceted talent, knowledge, and asset maps.
Simplify Strategic Decision Making
Choose the right option or a combination of options by comparing multiple strategies on a side-by-side basis, for resources, activities, costs, benefits, and risks.

Execute Strategy Efficiently

Informed Tactical Decision Making using Dashboard
Always take informed decisions, by looking at business and innovation key performance indicators. Quickly review the trends, interactions, and study cause effect.
Live Progress Tracking of Projects to Markets
Interactive visual roadmap, with ability to connect all development technologies, products, capabilities, with market opportunities
Adaptive Project Planning
Deploy project-adaptive phase gate approach to ensuring quality and risk mitigation, without undue burden.
Sustained Management-Employee Alignment
Align individual objectives of all employees through the hierarchy (or not) with business unit objectives.
Optimize investment in Talent Development
Track individual development in line with business needs.
No Confusion with Single List Approach
Use one list for every major item, such as action items, risks, Processes, Suppliers, in relation to new technology development.

What's Coming in EinFrame NextGen

When you have data in this framework, you will be ready for Intelligence Modules

Predictive Technology Trends
Interactive PESTEL driven Forecasting, and external trend analysis to predict future technologies, relevant to your industry and business opportunities
Predictive Business Performance
Key Performance Indicator analytics, for business performance forecasting, using data driven SWOT analysis.
Self-driving Business Process
Guided work-flow for business critical processes without compromising creativity, from ideation to market capture, from recruitment to succession planning.

Everyone engaged and on the same page always