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Plus4Pi LLC helps clients see their future and secure it without growing pains, using an empirically validated methodology for strategic innovation.

20 years of technology and product development convinced Ripi Singh that traditional practices such as 6-sigma and lean are backward looking that stifle innovation. Learnings from all these years have been integrated in a novel methodology called +4π addressing the need for a more holistic and forward looking tool-kit.

This +4π methodology is now the power behind the SaaS application EinFrame.

Ripi personally coaches the management team to deploy EinFrame. To learn more about Ripi's coaching practice, visit www.inspiringnext.com


Dr. Ripi Singh - Founder & Strategist

Ripi Singh

Ripi led the Conceptual Design of EinFrame bringing together his personal experience, as well as input from a vast network of professionals in technology and business management.

Ripi Singh, Ph.D. is an innovation and productivity coach with over 20 years of experience in product, technologies, process, and people leadership, spanning aerospace and defense, renewable energy and power, healthcare and medical devices, advanced manufacturing, and IT. As Director R&D for Alstom Power (now GE) and as Advanced Technology Manager for United Technologies, Dr. Singh successfully delivered advanced technologies on high impact and leading edge aviation and energy programs (supported by DARPA, USAF and leading aircraft industries).

He holds numerous national and corporate honors, authored 70+ publications, 250+ lectures, holds two patents and has edited numerous books. He also won the President of India Cash Prize for outstanding research and was later accepted as US naturalized citizen under the category of outstanding researcher with extraordinary ability. He serves on council of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, as well as the industrial advisory board for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of New Haven and University of Hartford. He holds a BS, MS and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the India Institute of Science, an executive master’s degree in business strategy from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a post‐doc in engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.


Vaibhav Garg - Designer, Lead user, and now Adviser

Vaibhav Garg

Vaibhav led the Detail Design and user Validation of EinFrame bringing in his years of experience in managing product R&D, as well as input from his peers as lead users. He now serves as an adviser to development of NextGen EinFrame.

Vaibhav Garg, is a practicing R&D Manager at a mid-size power infrastructure company. He has contributed to design and development of significant new products with focus on pushing innovation and reducing cost. His experience spans Product Strategy, Embedded design, Systems and process engineering, Data Sciences and Statistics, Test Automation, Competency Dictionary and rankings, Personnel training and team development.

He is passionate about data driven decision making and its enablers. He has multiple publications in Conferences and Journals to his credit and is a certified Appraisal Team Member for CMMI for Development.

He holds a B.S. in Engineering and PG Diploma in Business Administration.

His employing organization Genus has invested in development of the EinFrame to affordably meet their requirements, that none of the existing software could do.

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Prashant Gupta - Chief of Technology

Prashant Gupta

Prashant created the friendly user interface and the core data structure that enables EinFrame, fully leveraging years of his fintech software development experience as well as a successful CRM software, that he created as a founder for an IT company. He continues to further develop EinFrame as well as support the clients with specific requirements.

Prashant has worked with top banks and financial institutions with passion for process simplification and automation projects for more than a decade now.

He is a Chartered Accountant from India (equivalent to CPA in USA).

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Client Testimonials

Dr Ripi is someone who has the unique quality of getting all the details right, without losing sight of the big picture. He can be counted upon to never miss the forest for the trees. Dr Ripi is astute in all organizational and leadership situations and still has the quality to accept creative solutions that others can come up with. Above all, he is willing to learn and adapt. He never shies from going back to the drawing board either to come up with well rounded, and robust solutions.

R&D Manager, Power Business

I would like to draw special attention to a new friend of ASNT, Ripudaman Singh. In his first year as a volunteer, he has held the vice chair position of an important ad-hoc committee, organized a dozen sessions at ASNT spring conference in Denver, played a key role in a technical focus issue of Materials Evaluation on NDT Reliability, was guest speaker at two local sections and revived his own section. Kudos to you, Ripi, for all you have done for the members in Texas and in general."
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Citation, Materials Evaluation (Journal)